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The Gift of a Goat Keeps on Giving

Goats bring many benefits that can take families from survival to success.

One goat can produce up to four gallons of milk a day to nourish hungry children and boost their overall health. Extra milk and breeding provide a steady source of income to cover lifesaving health care and a quality education for children. Goat’s manure is an excellent crop fertilizer and can be shared with neighbors and sold at markets, generating precious income.

Families specifically ask for livestock due to these many benefits, their ease of care and high, long-term value. 

Goats are ideal for zero grazing — when they remain within the homestead and forage is brought to them — instead of pastureland grazing. As a result, few resources are needed to raise them. 

When a family is empowered to meet their own needs, they share their successes with family, friends and neighbors, improving the standing of whole communities.

Your gift of a goat, training and veterinary services helps provide: 

  • Protein-rich milk, cheese and butter
  • Better overall health and nutrition
  • Fertilizer to improve crops and harvests
  • Multiple reliable sources of income
  • Affordable health care, education and sanitation
  • Community-wide sustainability and growth